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Global Interlink is a keen supporter of conservation of wildlife and the earth's natural resources. Watch out for our Conservation Update leaflets, with a host of information and interesting facts about wildlife.

‚ÄúTake nothing but photographs & leave nothing but footprints." 

In the meantime, please observe the wildlife code and do your part towards helping us conserve wildlife...

  • Respect the privacy of animals - Minimum viewing distance is 20 metres
  • Remember that animals are wild and can be dangerous
  • Do not disturb the animals with sudden movements or loud noises
  • It is an offence to feed wild animals
  • Stay in your vehicle except at designated places
  • Respect the speed limit of 40 kilometres per hour in parks
  • Never drive off road as it degrades habitat
  • Do not leave litter or discard lighted cigarettes
  • Respect the culture of the people never take photographs of local people without their permission
  • It is illegal to collect any living or dead item from a protected area

Lake Nakuru National Park is a sanctuary for the greatly endangered Rhino

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a sanctuary for the greatly endangered Mountain Gorilla

Samburu Game Reserve is home to the endangered Grevy's Zebra